MUSIC ”DOREMI FEST”, 5 th EDITION 

 Chisinau, 2022

The International Instrumental Music Festival-Contest “DOREMI FEST” from Chisinau, Moldova, the 5th edition, which will take place in ONLINE format between May 15 – 31, 2022, is expected to realize the creative potential of young musicians – preschoolers, pupils and students from music schools, colleges, centers of excellence, art schools, higher specialized institutions in Moldova and abroad, to stimulate the interest of young people in promoting classical music and high quality music in the best traditions of teaching and interpreting the art of music.

The International Instrumental Music Festival-Contest “DOREMI FEST”, the 5th edition is initiated and organized by the public association A.O. ART EVOLUTION (CHISINAU, MOLDOVA).

I. Compartments

1.1  The Festival meets the fallowing compartments:


1.2 The contest is open for schoolers and students, being divided into 2 sections:

A – High schools of music (grades I – XII);

B – Art schools (grades I – VIII).

Chamber music (duo- sextet) is divided into 3 categories:

                        The section A  – grades  I-IV – I category

                                                grades  V-VIII – II category

                                                grades  IX – XII – III category

                          The section Bgrades I – IV – I category

                                                 grades V – VIII – II category.


2.1 Contest participants will perform and record on the video TWO songs of different styles.
- a preclassical (polyphonic) or classical (broad form) piece

– a piece of your choice.


two different parts by form and genre

ACCORDION  – two different parts by form and genre.

Chamber music (duo- sextet)- two different parts in style, form and character.

2.2 Duration of the program for solo participants:

Section A class I-IV – 7 minutes

                   class V-VIII -10 minutes

                   class IX-XII -15 minutes

Section B class I-IV -5 minutes

                   class – V –VIII -8 minutes.

2.3 All works are interpreted exclusively by heart.

3.1 The registration for the contest is done by filling in the Registration Form on the site, (which contains all the data necessary for registration)
3.2 Contestants will present quality video material (sound and image), upload on  YouTube and just attash the link in Registration Form . Recording for each song can be separate, but included in a single video file. The participant must present and sign the video:

1 Name, surname.

2 Class.

3 Institution, professor

4 Author. The piece.

3.3 Video requirements:

 -Recorded with a single camera, without editing, without processing the uploaded video material;

– The image of HORIZONTAL filming, clearly visible in one plane the hands, the profile of the performer, as well as the keyboard with the instrument pedal;

3.4 Dress-code requirements for the performer – classic, festive outfit. The image of the aesthetic entourage.

3.5 The deadline for registration and presentation of the video material for the contest is set between 15.04.2022 – 15.05.2022.

3.6 The video material presented will be recorded in 2022 exclusively for this Contest.

3.7 The confirmation of the participation donation will be sent on the viber of the contact telephone or e-mail. The donation to participate in the Contest is 300 MDL or 15 EUR for soloists and 200 MDL or 10 EUR for each participant in the duo-sextet.

*Refugee children from Ukraine and children from socially vulnerable families  participate for free


4.1 The jury will be composed of specialized university teachers from the country and personalities from the music world from abroad, internationally recognized.

4.2 All video recordings of the competitors are evaluated remotely by the members of the Jury. The evaluation criteria are the following:

– the level of correspondence of the repertoire;

– technical mastery;

– perception of style;

– musical drama;

– interpretive creativity.

The age of the participant will also be taken into account.

4.3 The composition of the Jury for each section is announced one day before the start of the Contest through all internet sources.

4.4 The members of the Jury will examine only the materials that meet the requirements of this Regulation.

4.5 The evaluation of the performances by the Jury is confidential information, it is not public and it is indisputable.

4.6 The decision of the Jury is final and will not be challenged.

V. Awards

5.1 The following distinctions will be awarded (for each category, section and class separately): Prizes I, II, III, Mentions, Diplomas of Participation, as well as the Grand Prize (Grand Prix).

5.2 Other Special Prizes may be awarded.

5.3 The Grand Prix winners of the 4 th edition will be able to participate in another section

5.4 The jury reserves the right not to award certain Prizes in case of non-compliance with the performance conditions.


April 15 – May 15, 2022 – Registration for the contest through the website

May 16 – 22,  2022 – Video processing on YouTube channel Doremi Festival Moldova

May 23 – 30 – Examination of participants by the Jury.

May 31,  2022 – Announcing the results of the contest.

1June – Laureates Gala (we will announce the location additionally)


7.1 The results of the Contest are announced on the website and on the Facebook page Doremi Festival Moldova. The evaluation of the competitors for each nomination will be published on the official website on the day the results are announced.

7.2 The donation is paid until May 15, 2022. The donation has as organizational purpose and publicity support for the realization of the project. Therefore, the donation is non-refundable.

7.3 Participation in the Contest implies the unconditional consent of the participants to all the clauses of this Regulation, including personal data. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to publish photos and videos of the participants, in any media and social networks, in order to promote the Doremi Fest project.

7.4 Failure to comply with the conditions of these Regulations results in the exclusion of the participant in the Contest.

7.5 For the Contest, the organizers can train sponsors and donors, the ways of participation of which are additionally discussed.

7.6 The organizers reserve the right to make changes and additions to the conditions and schedule of the competition.




Facebook page: Doremi Festival Moldova

Instagram: Doremi Festival

Contact telephone: +37378412447 Angela

+373 60472288 Elena